Community input & promoting your project

Community Partnerships

Working with the local community at every step will improve your chances of activating the your riverfront space and getting people to participate in your project. The Placemaking Chicago guide can help you think about how to include community throughout your planning process. Below are examples of community stakeholders to consider including in your planning process or event:

  • Residents
  • Property and business owners
  • Local in-water recreation groups (boating, kayaking, paddling, canoeing, etc.)
  • Marina owners
  • Organizations for people with disabilities
  • Park Advisory Councils
  • Schools, after school programs, youth organizations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Community and economic development organizations
  • Local on-land recreation groups (bike, walk/run, yoga)
  • Arts, theater groups
  • Faith based organizations
  • Stewardship and environmental groups
  • Alderman or local representative
  • Block clubs

                                                                                                       Metropolitan Planning Council

Promoting Your Project

Here are some ideas for getting the word out about your project:

  • Start a Facebook page
  • Start a website
  • Promote your event in local neighborhood newspapers
  • Post flyers in local businesses and kiosks in your neighborhood
  • Advertise on a local radio station
  • Talk to schools and community organizations in your neighborhood that could promote, attend, or volunteer at your event or program
  • Include in Alderman’s newsletter or calendar
  • Include in Chamber of Commerce newsletter or calendar

Flyers by Joel Kramer; licensed under CC BY 2.0      

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