Calumet Waterway Stewards Group Interview

December 5, 2015 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM Central Standard Time

12941 Western Ave, Blue Island, IL 60406
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During this meeting, we discussed…

Key Concerns/ Challenges:

  • Many people are afraid of the water and don’t see interacting with the river as for them
  • Lack of access to boats for people who want to recreate on the water

Key Priorities/Opportunities:

  • Kickapoo Woods new boat launch
  • Annual river clean-up event in June for environmental stewardship and education opportunities along Little Calumet River

Big Ideas:

  • Little Calumet River Fest broadening event beyond river clean-up to include riverfront clean-up and tables with community engagement opportunities to learn about the river ecology
  • Kayak and canoe boat rental and storage opportunities along the Little Calumet near Kickapoo boat launch
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